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Professional Development

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Defiant Monkey offers interactive programs custom-designed to meet your business needs. Professional development programs custom-designed by Training Professionals, all delivered in a fun, friendly atmosphere ensuring increased participation, greater retention and long-term skill development.

Our most popular programs include:

  • Team-Building - Your people will work more smoothly and effectively
  • Customer Service - Retain your customers and build loyalty
  • Communications Skills - Knock down barriers and increase information flow
  • Presentation Skills - Increase confidence, look and sound more professional
  • Sales - Learn the power of listening and a "Yes!" attitude
  • Quick/Creative Thinking - Mental aerobics to keep your people fresh and energized
  • Train-the-Trainer - including our newest program, "Laughing Matters: The Effective Use of Humor in Training"
  • Corporate Parties/Events - for when you just want to unwind and enjoy yourselves, Defiant Monkey has the show for you!


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