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Here's what some of our librarians and audience members are saying about Defiant Monkey Improv shows!

Aurora Town Library:


"It was very funny!"

     -Sienna, audience member


"Very, very funny and great should perform every week!"

 -Diane, mom


"I laughed so hard that macaroni and cheese came out of my nose!"

-Eve, audience member


"The nice part about it is the adults enjoy it, too!"

-Jennifer, Librarian


Yates Community Library:


"I loved the show because it was so funny and defiant. It made me laugh both times they were here. I recommend you ask them to do a show at your local library!"

-Brian, audience member


"What a kick to see young and old joining in with story ideas and seeing them come to life. You've gotta listen carefully, because Defiant Monkey produces constant humor!"

-Emily C., Librarian


"Defiant Monkey Improv was hilarious! The kids have fun taking part in the show and there's lots of laughs!

-Catherine H., mom


"An amazing show that reaches the creativity and imagination in both children and adults!! Defiant Monkey will bring a smile to your face for hours after!"

-Danielle B., audience member


"Way too much fun! Can't wait to see it again!"

-Ross B., audience member


Winton Library:


"Great ideas to share with grandchildren to enhance play. Thank you!"

-Joanne & Inna, grandmother and grandchild


"WONDERFUL! Good games for sharing at family reunions, too. Play makes it fun!"

-Jane M., mom


"Laugh out loud funny!"

-Jeanne S., Librarian


Wyoming Free Library:


"Wonderful! Great humor, hilarious!"

-Cheryl N., Librarian


"Great job!"

-Zoe C., mom


Charlotte Library:


"This was very interesting. I loved it very much and I loved being a volunteer!"

-Ariyahna S., audience member



-Malcolm H., audience member


"Really fun and entertaining for all ages. A great program!"

-Caitlyn, library staff member


"Very energetic, smart and funny! The kids were very entertained

and felt safe to take part in the improv."

-Matthew, dad


Dudley Library:



-Amr A., audience member


"First intro to improv for the kids. Great job!"

-The Drumsta Family, audience members


"Very funny and witty even for the older folks. Great show!"

-Latina O., Librarian


Corfu Free Library:


"This show was funny and entertaining! I enjoyed the show!"

-Molly C., audience member


"Fun, interesting program!"

-Jean M., audience member


"I thought the show was funny. They did a great job!"

-Noah K., dad


"It was funny and I enjoyed it. It was really nice."

-Dianna K., Noah's daughter


"Defiant Monkey provided a wonderful start to our Summer Reading Program. The audience of all ages (including adults!) enjoyed the show and there were many laughs. We look forward to inviting them back in the future!"

-Diana R., Library Director


Clarence Public Library:


"The best part was incorporating 'Frozen', my daughter's favorite movie!"

-Erin W., mom


"I like my imagination!"

-Augustus, age 7


"The best show ever!"

-Logan, age 6


"I like Grandma throwing snowballs in the face!!"

-Aleksandra, age 7


"I liked the show!"

-Emily P., age 6


"Great show. Audience engaged the entire time. Love improv!"

-Jill P., Emily's mom


"I wish my life was as fun-filled as your improv - you make me want to act out

all the heroic things I do. Great imagination!"

-Joanne R., Library Page


Tonawanda Public Library:


"I loved watching the kids use their imaginations!"

-Ken G., dad


Dormann Library:


"Really great for all ages - This gramma loved it!"

-Catherine S., gramma


"I liked the show because it was funny!"

-Cecelia, age 7


"I liked the show because I love it!!!!!!

-Lilly, age 7


"Completely funny with a great personality

and incredible imagination. #mostfun!"

-Brianna C., Student Volunteer


"Hilarious! The imagination is fantastic

Thank you #awesomeness!"

-Sarah T., Student Volunteer


Lancaster Public Library:


"This is the second time I saw Defiant Monkey

and it gets better each time! I highly

recommend seeing the show!"

-Chris, audience member


Middleport Free Library:


"This was so funny and enjoyable!"

-Brooke N., audience member


"I loved it - SO FUNNY!"

-Abby P., audience member


Irondequoit Public Library:


"On par with the improv I've seen in Chicago! So funny!"

-Amy H., Children's Librarian


"What fun to watch you guys!"

-Danica B., audience member


Hamlin Public Library:


"I liked when they were silly!"

-Katrielle, audience member


"I love all the funny parts!"

-Angel, audience member


"I didn't expect to laugh so hard that I cried!"

-Susan C., Children's Librarian


Gates Public Library:


"It was funny!"

-Riley E., audience member


"My face hurts from laughing so hard!"

-Hannah B., Children's Librarian


"I got an ab workout from laughing! Definitely a must-see!"

-Carmela, library staffer


Dunkirk Free Library:


"Loved the show. Great laughs for both me and my child!"

-Nancy O., audience member


"Great show - so imaginative and educational for the kids!"

-Pam C., Children's Librarian


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